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Outbuildings are part of the community

Outbuildings are part of the community

It's important for us to interact with the community in which we operate, which is why we support local activities aimed at providing young people with meaningful leisure time. We want the organisations we sponsor to promote equality, responsibility and cooperation. One example is Kungälvs Fotbollsflickor, an association that focuses on giving girls the attention they deserve. An association where everyone can participate. Our contribution is to make sure their facility works well. Because we want to contribute what we can best, we have helped the association with changing rooms, parking space and water and sewerage.

In addition to Kungälvs Fotbollsflickor we support among others:

  • FC Komarken, a football club with great social commitment, which has arranged a football cup for unaccompanied minors and Christmas football to spread joy and community on Christmas Eve
  • Kungälv handball club that trains all its young people in clean play and invests equally in boys and girls and where the women's team has now moved on to the Elite Series
  • Spin of Hope in aid of the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation
  • Maritime Rescue

fair play

For us, it goes without saying that all business should be fair and we will never give or receive compensation for undue influence.

When we subcontract, we tend to give priority to our tenants and those who are committed, run their businesses ethically and have a good working environment. We want to work with those who understand how we run our business and who want to be part of the development to make it brilliantly simple.

We consider the contractors we use most to be partners. We involve them in our approach and improvement work by including them in training sessions, when we plan jobs and when evaluating completed projects.


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