We want our tenants to be able to focus on the business rather than the space, and creating fossil-free energy is part of that.

Ytterbygg is an environmentally certified workplace and we strive to reduce our and our customers' environmental impact. We are environmentally certified and have several Green Building certified buildings.

Steps towards sustainability

Our two wetlands perform three important environmental functions and sequester 100 tons of CO2 per year.

Biodiversity Sequestering carbon dioxide Reduces the risk of flooding According to information from the Nature Center, the...

Two wind turbines

We currently produce more fossil-free energy than we and our tenants consume combined. We bought the first ...

Solar power

To reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, we have installed solar panels on the roof of our headquarters in Rollsb...

Reducing fossil emissions

We want the company fleet to run on environmentally friendly fuels and all employees who drive vehicles on company business, including...

Energy-smart property management

Thanks to in-house expertise throughout the chain, from design to operation, our properties are exceptionally energy efficient. It is...


Everyone at Ytterbygg is committed to improving and developing methods and working methods so that we can work safely and...


Ytterbygg sorts waste throughout its operations and the large construction sites have containers for all freight...

Flood protection on the river

Expected climate change means that high water levels will occur more frequently and at higher levels in the future, leading to...

Outbuildings are part of the community

It is important for us to interact with the community in which we operate and therefore we support local activities that target...

To achieve our high environmental ambition, we have set three environmental targets:

Environmental objective 1 - energy conservation
By reducing the energy consumption of our buildings, we are significantly reducing our environmental impact. We do this by building well-insulated buildings and through energy-efficient property management. Our two own wind turbines produce a total of 12 million kWh, which is about as much as both we and our tenants use in a year. Through our own solar cells, we produce an additional 11,000 kWh per year.
Environmental objective 2 - reduce fossil emissions
ECO-driving, trip planning and switching to fossil-free diesel, HVO100, help us reduce our environmental impact due to fossil emissions.
Environmental objective 3 - sort waste
More efficient waste sorting in recycling yards in our areas will lead to an increase in both our own and our tenants' recycling. At the same time, we are reducing the amount of waste that is mixed and burned, which leads to better management of our common resources.
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