Ytterbygg rents out adapted premises

Our customers should be able to focus on their business instead of the premises. Ytterbygg builds, manages and rents out adapted premises in Kungälv, Hisings Backa, Mölndal and Älvängen.


We want our tenants to be able to focus on the business rather than the space, and creating fossil-free energy is part of that. Therefore, Ytterbygg is an environmentally certified workplace and we strive to reduce our and our customers' environmental impact. We are members of the Green Building Council and have several Green Building certified buildings.

Inside the walls of our tenants

Royal Limousine

At Royal Limousine in Hisings Backa you will find the world's longest Hummer limousine and probably the nicest chauffeur...


Trädakuten specialises in tree care and does everything from pruning and felling trees to putting up light...


How do you go from foiling cars at home in the garage for fun to foiling Prince Carl Philip in the space of a few years...
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