Inside the walls


Everyone at Ytterbygg is committed to improving and developing methods and working methods so that we can work more safely and efficiently. We always strive to make it ingeniously simple.

All employees are involved in the improvement work and a suggestion scheme is the tool to take advantage of everyone's ideas and involvement. Since the start of Lean, we have implemented about 1,000 improvements. We are convinced that our development work contributes to better well-being, working environment and profitability. We also carry out long-term development work on both groups and individuals, to reinforce values and create conditions to keep the development work alive. All employees, including new hires, undergo Lean training.

To inspire other companies, we actively share our Lean work. One example of this is study visits to our premises, where we received visits from 6 organisations in 2018. We consider the contractors we engage the most as partners. We involve them in our approach and improvement work by including them in training sessions, when we plan jobs and in evaluations after completed projects.


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