Inside the walls


How do you go from foiling cars for fun in your garage to foiling Prince Carl Philip's racing car in a matter of years? According to Anders Prates, who co-founded WTP Dekor with Diego Castro Ordonez, it's all about focusing on high quality. "We basically don't need to do any marketing," says Anders, who is up to his knees in work.

It's not just Prince Carl Philip who has his eye on WTP. For the second year in a row, the company will host a Porsche meeting, where last year over forty Porsches turned up. As WTP is not the only company Anders is involved in, he sees the value in having a landlord who manages the premises so that he can focus on his business. Anders continues, "as soon as there is a problem, the guys from Ytterbygg are here to fix it. It works great".


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