Outer construction meets expected climate change... Read more



Expected climate change means that high water levels will occur more often and with higher levels in the future, which means that the area near the coast or river can be put under water. Since 2012, we have initiated and pushed the issue of embankment on Backa Bergögata. The aim is to prevent flooding and landslides in the area. Initially, we were met with scepticism among some of the property owners, but now everyone is positive.


It has been a long road with extensive technical investigations into the stability of the river. We have grappled with legal issues such as the need for a water judgment in the Land and Environment Court, building permits from the municipality and changes to the community of the land survey.


When the County Administrative Board of Västra Götaland had a climate adaptation day in 2015, CEO Mats Berntsson was invited to talk about the project at one of the seminars. We are now awaiting word from SGI as to whether they can contribute to the financing.


So far we have strengthened the river edge with the injection of lime and next year we plan to carry out the embankment itself. More information is coming!

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