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Ytterbygg bought another wind turbine in 2018 and we now produce more fossil-free energy than we ourselves and our tenants consume together.

We bought the first wind turbine in 2014 and by investing in another wind turbine, the production of fossil-free energy is now greater than our own and all 350 tenants' total consumption. Producing our own climate-smart energy is part of the systematic environmental work that we started ten years ago and we see that the opportunity to use climate-smart energy is in demand by more and more tenants. The aim is to eventually become independent of fossil energy sources.

The new wind turbine was erected in mid-October 2018 and is one of 6 works in the Slottsbol wind farm outside Laxå. The work, which is 95 meters high and has a rotor diameter of 110 meters, is estimated to produce 7 million kWh a year. The wind turbine outside Varberg produces 5 million kWh per year.

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