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Thanks to our own expertise throughout the chain, from design to operation, our properties are unusually energy efficient. It delivers environmental benefits and helps customers lower their energy costs.

In the new properties we build, we always aim for lower energy consumption than the energy requirements. We have so far Green Building certified five of our properties, the latest being Beijer's new construction market in Mölndal. The house is heated by environmentally smart district heating and the ventilation is adapted to how much people there are in the premises. LED lighting is controlled by an advanced control and control system.

Our existing properties are continuously improving from an energy point of view. This may include, for example, withdrawing district heating, additionally insulating the façade, inserting better windows or streamlining ventilation. For ten years, we have accumulated extensive knowledge and experience about energy-efficient properties. At one point, Göteborg Energi got in touch and announced that there must be a fault with the plant because energy consumption has fallen sharply after our measures.

The first major energy saving project was at the 14,000m2 Michelin warehouse in Kungälv in 2005. Before the project, 10m3 heating oil was consumed every winter week. When we connected district heating, changed lighting control and fan motors, the consumption was almost halved and came via district heating instead of oil.

A further example is in Berghalla, where Fritid Göteborg rents a sports hall from us. When we bought the house, it was powered by oil and electricity. We signed an agreement with the tenant where we took over responsibility for the operation and investment of energy efficiency and were able to reduce energy consumption by 55%.

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