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Royal Limousine

Royal Limousine

At Royal Limousine in Hisings Backa you will find the world's longest Hummer limousine and probably the nicest chauffeur. Tony Chaabi has been driving brides, grooms, students and events since 2004 when he bought his first limousine at the age of 21. That first car was used and in dire need of care.

Today he has five new limousines, one of which is the world's longest Hummer limousine. A stunning creation that seats 18 passengers and combines experience, party atmosphere, fine sofas, music and screens. And of course you can change the colour of the interior lighting. In Tony's venue, you step into a wedding bubble. There are leather sofas, dark wood and gold. Tony is meticulous and careful with both his cars and his guests. He delivers upscale service with flair and style.


0303-20 60 30
Rollsbovägen 25, 442 40 Kungälv

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